Commercial Real-Estate

Law Office of Zachary Zurich, PA

Buying Commercial Property

Buying commercial property means more then just finding a good deal. You need to make sure that the property you selected is legally functional for your business and your intended purpose. A commercial closing typically involved dealing with a Seller and a Bank. Quite often amendments and changes are needed to the contract long the route to closing. Having an experienced attorney to help you navigate this process can help increase your chances for a smooth closing.

Selling Commercial Property

When you decide to sell your property you want to make sure that the Buyer is committed to the sale and that once the sale is complete you will not have further responsibility or liability for the property that you sold. To often in South Florida buyers have difficulty obtaining financing or change their mind during the buying process. Without an experienced attorney you may find that your transation isn't going to close and you are left with no recourse but to return the buyer's deposit.

Landlord / Tenant Issues

Landlord Tenant law is heavily statutory driven. To avoid future problems don't sign a lease agreement without an attorney reviewing it. If you have problems with your Landlord or Tenant first seek legal advice.